Is a pogo stick good exercise?

Is a pogo stick good exercise

Yes pogo stick is a very good exercise for all ages. A small jump can burn about 600 calories an hour. So it is also very good for adults. There is a shocking statistic that 80% of parents believe their kids are receiving enough exercise but less than do! This dearth of the exercise was caused partially by the growth of the “PlayStation tradition” which means kids only do not go out and play anymore. The issue can be convincing your kids that exercise is fun and could be appreciated. Actually, many adults would reap the benefits of being taught this lesson that is valuable also!

A pogo stick is a fantastic source of exercise and enjoyment. There’s something about bouncing on a pogo stick that sets a grin in your face. The challenge of having the ability to rebound for years and mastering it makes it something that keeps both adults and kids amused for quite a long time. Once you get great at pogoing afterward you can begin doing magic tricks like rebounding with no hands or one hand or even with no feet. As soon as you have mastered these fundamental magic tricks you’ll be able to proceed to more advanced magic tricks with a stick that is more powerful and do somersaults and much more. The best part about these pogo sticks for children is they’re in reality fairly affordable. The Flybar Foam master, which is an excellent appetizer stick could be purchased for under fifty dollars.

You will be alarmed how much your kid will enjoy their pogo stick. It is great old fashioned enjoyment that is wholesome that the children and adults can show off to their buddies and have some fun with.