Flybar 800 Pogo Stick reviews

Flybar 800 Pogo Stick reviews

If you need the best Flybar pogo stick for your older kids, you can see our Flybar 800 Pogo Stick reviews. This is very good for you min 12 years to 16 years old kids. The price of this item is very reasonable, check the following link for the updated price. Want to find the best Flybar 800 pogo stick reviews? you can check our reviews. If you search on google or bing you will also find Flybar 800 is the best pogo stick ever.

If your kids are too healthy then buy this pogo stick and give it to your kids to play. You kids will play with this pogo and burn 150 calories within 15 minutes. Your kids will not think how he will slim. Just use our pogo stick your kids will be very much happy. It keeps your kids’ minds fresh.

Flybar 800 Pogo Stick

Flybar 800 Pogo Stick
  • Customer Reviews 3.7 out of 5
  • Total customer reviews 51
  • Product weight 16 pounds
  • Total maximum weight limit 180 pounds
  • One-year warranty
  • Appropriate for ages 12 and up
  • User friendly and easy to adjust
  • Product dimension: 6 inches x 17 inches x 42 inches

Customer reviews of this item are a little bit, and positive feedback is 70 out of 100. That means most of the customers are very much happy after ordering this pogo stick. This pogo is very smart for your older kids’ perfect learning. Flybar company started its business in 1918, they have the best quality item. This is shipping the free item, that means you will receive this pogo stick from your house, remember shipping free is only for United State.

The shipping weight of this item is 16.53 pounds. That means this is a really heavy item. If you order this item you will receive your targeted item from home. You can gift it to your older kids. When your kids receive this item they will be very much happy. Because most customers give positive feedback. All of the customers are very much happy. The dimension of this item is 6 inches x 17 inches x 42 inches. It has easy-grip foam handles that your kids can play softly. This is very strong for your kids. Remember this item’s weight capacity is 80-180 pounds. If your kids are more than 180 pounds, never buy this item. Maybe your pogo stick will break. It is best for under 150 pounds of weight kids.