Best Kids Pogo Stick (Top 7 Picks)

Are you looking for the best kids pogo stick for your child because it is a great way for your kid to spend time outside? Or you are getting it as a gift.

Here in this article, we have some of the recommendations that are great as toy pogo sticks. Because it can give your kid both confidence as well as healthy muscle. Your kid will also have coordination skill that makes him better.

All of these sticks are great in every way. So you can choose any of them based on your requirements. So for a better result, check out this list for better purchasing.

How to Choose a Pogo Stick for Kids?

Before you look for any pogo stick for your kid, there are some absolute points that you need to consider. So this part of the article can help.

Age Range

Before you get a pogo stick for your child, you should consider the age. Because of the style, there are fewer chances for injury. Also, it can help your child to learn about the basics of pogo sticks.  So you should consider the age range. 

Weight Limit

This is the second point that you should keep in your mind. You have to know the weight range of the pogo stick. Because the body weight capacity can help you to know whether the product will work or not.  So it will be better if you know about the maximum weight limit.

Height of the kids

So if your kid is taller than the average kid, then you should get an ideal pogo stick that is bigger than the other one. You can get traditional pogo sticks with adjustable height for them. It will work for them. It can also become favorite pogo sticks.


You can get a pogo stick at an affordable price. Some of them also come at a cheap price. The average price range area is also not so that high. You will also see expensive pogo sticks. So you can keep it in your mind. While making purchasing decisions, you can consider this feature.

Best Kids Pogo Stick

1. Best pogo stick for pogo stick beginner kids

The first product in this list is My First Flybar foam pogo stick. From ages 3 to up kids can use this one. Your kid can have fun for a few hours that will help you to have a healthy time. The bouncy fun your kid will have to make sure your kid will always be healthy and strong. And also, the jump will make a squeaky sound.

As it is lightweight and portable, so it will be easy for you to take it without whenever you are outside with your kid. For both indoor and outdoor, this one will work better. It will last long for a long time than you think.

With the help of this toy, now your kid will be active for a long time. It will help to train proper balance for kids. And make sure they have a better hand-eye coordination skill level. So you could say it will be a brilliant idea to get this as a toy.

This brand has always made sure you won’t feel disappointed. So you can say there will be nothing for you to get worried about. From the manufacturing process to use, you will feel satisfied with everything.


  • Makes a squeaky sound for fun
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Ideal to use for a great health

2. Best inexpensive pogo stick for kids

If you are looking for a beginner pogo jumper that both you and your kid can use, then there is no better than this CLICK N’ PLAY Durable Foam Pogo Jumper. It is because this pogo jumper can hold up to 250 lbs weight. So you can say it would be better for both kids and their parents to play without having any problems.

As it comes with side cushioned handles, so you can say it will be easier for your kid to hold it without any problems. There are also flashing LED lights. It will flash whenever your kid will jump with it. Because it activates whenever you will jump.

On every hop, you will hear a squeaky sound with it. It will be fun for kids as long as they hear sound. So you can say your kid will have physical skills as well as have some fun.

The comfortable handle of this pogo jumper has a soft and cushiony base that makes it better. Because of it, there will be no scuff marks or scratches on the indoor floor. Also, the stretchable cords will make sure sure you can have a healthy and active life. It will also do the work of strengthening core muscles.


  • Soft and cushiony base
  • Comfortable handles with stretchable cords elastic cord height
  • Comes with LED lights and a squeaky sound

3. Amazon Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick for Kids

Since 1918, Flybar has always been produced pogo sticks for kids. It meets all standards that should be in an effective pogo stick. So there should be nothing for you to get worried about. They have included everything that makes a durable pogo stick better. So you can get this one for your kid without having a second thought.

If you are getting an entire pogo stick for the first time for your kid, then this one would be great as it is perfect for a first-timer. It will help your kid to learn the basics. So it will be a great tool to make it a professional sport for your kid.

It has a foam-wrapped metal frame that will give protection as well as make sure to keep your kid safe. The non-slip footpad will make sure they will be sturdy to your kid and give him a great experience. You can also replace the foot pads from here.

With this easy-grip pogo stick, it will be comfortable for your kid to hold it while jumping with it. So overall, it will be a better option for your kid to use.


  • Dual handlebar grip pogo
  • Foam-wrapped metal frame
  • Ideal for the first timer

4. Easiest pogo stick to learn on for kids

Another one for beginner kids is this one from Geospace Jumparoo Deluxe Bungee Boing Foam Bouncing Toy. For each bounce, you will hear a squeaky sound. In this way, it will encourage your kids to have some fun while doing some active activities. And they will keep going. It is one of the easiest advanced pogo sticks that will teach your kid to jump.

As it has a superior design, so your kid shouldn’t have any problem with it. And the foam handlebar design makes it more comfortable to use. Also, your kid will have a comfortable grip that makes sure your kid won’t find it hard to use.

From 3 and 8 years old kids can use it without making it tough to use. It has an adjustable bungee cord that gives your kid to have proper balance and doesn’t fall on the floor while using it. So you will find it useful to use.

The comfortable padded handlebar and the other things make it perfect to use both indoor and outdoor. You can also take it with you. You can help your kid to develop motor skills, strength, balance, and coordination.


  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • Comfortable padded durable rubber handle
  • Comes with an expandable bungee cord neck

5. Best pogo stick for older kids

Here we bring another pogo stick from the Flybar brand. You will have a comfortable cushion grip as it has metal-covered foam. Not only it gives your kid comfort, but it also gives a great look and vibe. You will also get it in different black designs. Such as eye-appealing black and yellow design and many more colors.

The wide base makes it better to use. Its wider stance will give you a better bounce tip. So in this way, you will get a stable and consistent pogoing experience with it. So overall, you could say older kids will have great fun with it.

It has stable and anti-slip footpegs makes it easier for you to show off your extreme tricks. And the rider will be able to do it simply. From 9 and up ages kids will be able to ride on this affordable pogo stick. So you won’t feel unsatisfied with it.

Make sure to use it only on a flat base and hard surface. You will get enough protection from it. But it would be better if you wear safety gear and a helmet. They will keep you safe.


  • Nonslip and wide footpegs
  • Easy to use and easy-grip precision-made foam handles
  • Metal covered foam hand grips

6. Amazon New Bounce Pogo Stick for Kids | pogo stick for young kids

Do you intend to improve your kid’s coordination skills through playing? Then this New Bounce Pogo Stick for Kids would be the perfect toy for children. With this durable foam base pogo stick, your kid will have the perfect healthy time that he or she is going to spend with it. Overall, it is a perfect tool to play.

This entire toy is made with foam. So you can say it will protect your kid from the high jump. And the super comfortable foldable handles make it enough comfortable to hold for anyone this adorable pogo stick. The sturdy and soft base makes it safe enough to play at home.

With this one, hold up to 250 pounds people can jump. It will be a great tool to do a healthy activity for kids at home and outside. And you can spend a wonderful time at home. Also, for kids, it will be easy to use. So it is a great way to spend your time. 

As it contains soft foam blocks, so it won’t cause any stains or scratches on your hardwood floors. It will also keep clean the floor. This one will be a nice you can gift to your kid. It comes with fun color 


  • Hold up to 250 pounds
  • Soft foam blocks with the perfect bounce
  • Easy to use for kids
  • design Non-slip foot pads

7. Think Gizmos Pogo Stick – Aero Advantage – for Kids 5,6,7,8,9,10 Years Old

For your higher performance, there is no better than this Think Gizmos pogo stick. Kids age 5 and up will be able to use it without any problems. This awesome pogo stick will be able to hold on 40lbs to 90lbs. Your kid will be able to build leg and core muscle. So it can be a great way to make your kid active.

There are also non-slip pedals and a safety foam handle to make sure your kid gets protection. But it would be better to wear a helmet, elbow pad, and knee pads. And it will cause fewer chances of injury. It will provide your kid with extra attention. You can say it meets all rigorous safety standards.

This basic pogo stick is covered in foam and is very well built. So you can say it is not like other cheap metal pogo sticks. Also, it has a powerful low friction spring that will give your kid an improved performance. It is ideal for 80-160 pounds.

To make sure your kid is always active and maintains control, this one would be a better choice. This one is 37 inches and width of 8.5 inches. So you can say your kid will develop creative skills as well as have better health than anyone.


  • Dual shaft design for safety with foam covered metal
  • Ideal for Elementary-Aged Children
  • Variety of color options
  • 80-160 lbs Non-slip foot pads

How To Ride The Pogo Stick: Tips For Beginners

There are some things that you need to know as a beginner. Because if you can’t do it properly, you can have deadly head injuries. So you can follow these tips.

  • The first thing you should know is how to keep up your balance. You can use a balance board. It is a crucial skill that you should process. Make sure to learn about control over your body.
  • You can keep your one foot peg on the footrest and press down to activate the spring.  Make sure to control your handle portion. It will help your kid to hold comfortable foam handles. Make sure you have non slip footpegs.
  • To keep your children in mind, this toy has made sure to build the skill of your kid. It will give your child comfort in mind. Your kid will get athletic ability with it.
  • If your kid uses a pogo stick for a long period of time, then it means it will keep your child healthy for a long time than you think.

Types of Pogo Sticks

There is different style pogo stick you will see in the market. To get the actual pogo stick for your kid, you need to know about the types of them. There are two types of pogo sticks. And we will give you two types of pogo sticks that you can get for your kid.

Traditional Pogo Sticks

People also call it a classic pogo stick because of the classic design it has. It comes with a Singular shaft design along with a lightweight aluminum design. Your kid will get a consistent pogo experience with it. Your kid will be able to use it for a long duration of time.

Assisted Pogo Sticks

Because of the creative design and features for children, it is a popular type of pogo stick you will see. It has exterior plastic pieces. All the colored plastic has a foam-covered body. You can call it a cool pogo stick.

FAQ of Best Kids Pogo Stick

What pogo stick is best for kids 60 to 80lbs of weight?

There are many advanced children who colored pogo sticks. Some of them can hold up to 40-80 pounds. You can use Kids Flybar or Bungee Jumper with a better foam grip and foam-covered unit. This one would be better as it has sturdy metals.

Jumping pogo stick for young kids is good?

Yes. Jumping pogo sticks are better to use. It can help your kid to learn about the center of balance. It will help your kid to do some exercises and always keep active.

How much you can expect to spend on a pogo stick for kids?

For small children, you can get a cheap pogo. But they have a cheaper unit, so it would be better to spend the highest 20$. You need to spend money based on the actual product quality. Some have colorful designs along with expensive units.

What are the best pogo sticks for kids to buy?

The products we have mentioned here in this article are the best pogo sticks to buy. All of them have both vibrant color choices and fun color options. The color selection is also great along with the footpegs and bar units. All of them have anti-slip footpads. So you can use any of them.


Before you make purchasing decisions, you need to know what you want. We have mentioned all the things that you should get before you get anything. As it is for your kid, so it is up to you what will suit your kid better.

So read this article before you start to get one for your child. As there are various options, so hopefully this list of the Best Kids Pogo Stick has been a great help to you.