5 Best Pogo Stick for Adults in 2021

Pogo sticks are a common medium for adults to do some exercise along with fun. To find the best pogo stick for adults, you need to look for many things. There are both cheap model pogo sticks for large adults and hi-tech pogo sticks for adults. So to find the right product, you need to know about the market information along with the product details.

Pogo sticks can also be an amazing gift for adults as they can become a useful thing for you. To make things simple for you, we have made a complete list of some of the top adult pogo sticks for you so that you can find these products easily.

In a Hurry? Check Editor’s Top Picks

1. Vurtego V4 Pro – Adult Pogo Stick Vurtego
2. Think Gizmos Pogo Stick – High-quality adult pogo stick
3. Flybar Super Pogo Stick – Adult Pogo Stick for 200 lbs
4. New-Bounce Ultimate Pogo Stick – High Bouncing Pogo Stick for Adults
5. NSG Pogo Stick – High-performance pogo stick

Are there pogo sticks for adults?

Pogo sticks can be a great way to do exercise for both adults and kids. There is also a choice for adults to use pogo sticks. With the help of a pogo stick, you can do both fun and exercise at the same time.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the models for insane tricks that are ideal for adults to use pogo sticks. You can use Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick or Vurtego V4 Pro – Air-Powered Adult Pogo Stick. These are adult pogo stick recommendations.

Best Pogo Stick for Adults Reviews

1. Vurtego V4 Pro – Adult Pogo Stick Vurtego

Vurtego V4 Pro – Adult Pogo Stick Vurtego

For all the adult people out there, this one is one of the most advanced pogo sticks Vurtego has ever created until now. It contains everything that makes things even better for your adult state. You can go for the high jump quickly without even making things hard for you, which is perfect.

In this V4, you will get 10% more air than you think, or you can get from a regular pogo stick. It has all the upgrades that will make this pogo stick a better fit for the adult people here. You will get the smoothest ride ever you have ever done. It has an air spring that will help you to perform air kicks.

Also, the adjustable air pressure will make sure anyone can bounce with this at any high you want to with air tricks. And the flexibility of this stick will ensure no one gets hurt with it. Even a 300-pounds of weight adult can use it without having any problem. Also, it has a foldable design.

You can bounce with it at least 1-2 feet high. You can even collapse it whenever you want to. In this way, it will be easy for you to take it with you. So you can go for travel mode with it. Overall, you can use it for fun, sport, physical exercise, etc.

  • Ideal for an adult person 
  • Gives one of the smoothes bounce up to 1 to 2 feet in height
  • Comes with adjustable steel frame and spring
  • Wing style handlebar

2. Think Gizmos Pogo Stick – High-quality adult pogo stick

Think Gizmos Pogo Stick – High-quality adult pogo stick

Because of the awesome design of this pogo stick, you can even get it for your kids at home. From adults to children over 11, now everyone can use this one. Also, the industrial-strength steel springs make it even better. It will give you all the benefits of pogo sticks, such as helping you and your kid to build core muscle and strong leg muscle.

Think Gizmos has always given their priority to safety first. So you won’t even have to worry about the protection while using this one. The additional safety foam handle and non-slip pedals will ensure you or your kid won’t get hurt from using them. But it is also better to use elbow and knee pads as well as a helmet for extra security.

It is a very well-built pogo stick. And also, the powerful low friction spring technology will help you to improve your performance. The rubber tip will help you to make sure you can maintain control and you can be active for a long time. For experienced users, this one would be great.

It can be an awesome way for your kid to develop and improve cognitive skill level and keep balance. You can use it for a long time without any problems. Also, it won’t break easily because of the improved design.

  • Comes in 3 Awesome fun colors black
  • Measures approximately 41 inches tall
  • Foam padding system for extra protection and steel housing tube
  • Ideal for 90-180 pounds and diamond footplate

3. Flybar Super Pogo Stick – Adult Pogo Stick for 200 lbs

Flybar Super Pogo Stick – Adult Pogo Stick for 200 lbs

If you are in search of classic pogo sticks, then this one from Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick would be a great solution for you to use. For beginners, this one would be great to use. You can even go for extreme pogo stick jumping without giving yourself a hard time. There is nothing better than using a classic pogo stick. It has a wide foam base. 

It has a heavy metal spring that makes it durable enough to use for a long time. Also, reinforced injected-molded clamps and steps will make sure you can do all the technical pogo stick tricks without making things too much difficult for you.

The wide stance food pegs have a grip tape that has better hold than any other product you have seen. That’s why you can use it for both casual safe jumping or any extreme trick without getting hurt. It can handle peg stalls on rail or curbs.

The best part of this pogo stick is it can help you to learn balance and also develop coordination motor skills. It is meant for all the durable choices for beginners out there. From 120 to 210 pounds weight people can use it.

  • Stable, non-slip foot pegs
  • Hold up to 120-210 Lbs people 
  • Heavy metal construction
  • High quality gloss paint finish

4. New-Bounce Ultimate Pogo Stick – High Bouncing Pogo Stick for Adults

New-Bounce Ultimate Pogo Stick – High Bouncing Pogo Stick for Adults

Using a pogo stick is not the same thing for kids and adults, that’s why you should get different things for each of them. This New Bounce pogo stick is especially for kids and adults. This teenager pogo stick can endure up to 160 lbs. So even big kids can also use this one for them without any problems.

It will be one of the best pogo sticks for your kid as they never compromise with the quality. Each part of this pogo stick has a better manufacturing process that you would love to use. Hense your kid will be able to do fun for a long time.

The foam-covered frame handle is also easy to hold. It will give your kid both superior safety and grips for comfort for hours of fun. Also, this handle gives a style and compliment to this pogo stick. So in this way, it will be your kid’s favorite tool to play with his friends. It comes with a durable foam base.

With the help of the wider stance of this pogo stick, you can assure that your kid will be safe here. Your kid will be able to bounce with this pogo stick easily. But you will also need to wear a helmet and safety gear. It will add more protection.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame construction for lightweight user
  • Comes with a safety foam handle
  • Ideal for kids with 9+ kids with 80-160 pounds
  • Durable non-slip grip tape

5. NSG Pogo Stick – High-performance pogo stick

NSG Pogo Stick – High-performance pogo stick

Are you looking for something better that has a combination of classic and modern design of pogo stick? Then this one from NSG flight will be the perfect solution for your adult and kid? So it will be a better option for the pogo jumpers to use. You can give advanced pogo performance with this one easily.

If you are a casual jumper, then there is no better option than using this one. You can even do the athlete-level performance with it. It can also withstand them all. So you could say it is durable enough to use for anyone. This pogo stick is enough sturdy to use for a long time. You will also get color options. You can do flatland precision.

Not only kids but also adults can use this one. Your kid can also do low-impact, plyometric exercise, cardio with it. Its co-molded rubber grips and low friction superior spring technology gives it matchless features. So overall you could enjoy without causing any problems. It is one of the coolest pogo sticks that will give you a consistent pogo experience.

  • Hydro-formed steel shell
  • Industrial-strength steel springs and steel pistons
  • Ideal for boys and girls age 9 and up
  • Meets all the rigorous safety standards

How to Choose the Best Pogo Stick for Adults

For adults, it can be hard to choose a pogo stick as you have to put many considerations such as pogo shaft,  enclosed spring, core strength, safe experience, etc. That’s why here we are giving you a basic buying guide that will help you to choose one pogo stick among lots of options.

Comfort and Durable Foam

You have to consider the foam handlebars and the soft foam pogo stick before you purchase one. Because comfort matters for everyone. If you don’t get proper comfort on your pogo stick, then you won’t feel safe while using it. So consider this point. Foam covering can give you support on your hand and keep your feet safe.

Construction and Material

The main thing before you choose a pogo stick is what materials and construction type it has. Such instance foam-covered metal frame can help you and protect you and also help you to perform advanced tricks. Durable materials also help you to use the product for a long time than you might think.

You should look for a pogo stick that has a durable frame. A sturdy metal frame and foam material make a perfect combination. This product’s feature makes it better to use.

Safety Grip and Design

You should look for safety features in a pogo stick for safety reasons. So look for a product that has a lightweight design,  adjustable handlebars, padded hand grip or rubber hand grips for comfort, etc. The cushioned grip can make sure even if you fall you won’t get hurt easily. Rugged rubber pogo sticks or silicone grip are also better. But better to look for foam grips. A durable spring can also give you safety.

Size and Weight Capacity

You need to know about the adult pogo stick dimensions and bodyweight limit before you purchase one for yourself. It is better to know the lowest and maximum weight limit of your pogo stick. In this way, it will be safe and comfortable for you to use.

Benefits of Pogo Jumping

There are many health benefits of doing pogo jumping. And here in this section of this article, we are going to talk about it. With the help of an impressive jumping stick, you can do many things that will help you to improve your physical and mental health. Here we are giving you loads of benefits to using popo sticks.

  • You can improve your mental health by jumping with pogo sticks. Because of this, you have to play outside. And it will keep you happy all the time.
  • If you are planning to lose weight but don’t know a funny way, then pogo sticks can help you. You can use it daily.
  • You can also do cardio exercise with it. All you have to do is jumping daily for more than one hour. And after then, you will see how all the things turn out.
  • For the back muscles or you want to tone your core muscles, there is no better and simple way than this one. You can use it for daily exercise.

FAQ: Best Pogo Stick for Adults

How significant for adults to use extreme pogo sticks?

There are many reasons for adults to use pogo sticks. It will give you improved performance. You can do fluid bounce or any other exercise such as filled jumping, cardio, etc. You can find a suitable model for tricks. So overall it is actually significant for adults to use adult high jump pogo sticks.

Is the pogo stick good exercise for adults?

Pogo sticks are an intensity exercise device. With this, you can do cardiovascular exercise. From smaller jump to high jump, you can burn many calories with it. You can get a professional pogo stick for adults.

Is pogo stick harmful to adults?

Yes. They are safe to use. But everything has its limitations. If you do exercise more than your body can handle, then you should avoid it. Even professionals have said about its safety. But using a pogo stick can improve cognitive skills

Can an adult-use kid-size pogo stick?

Jumping stick for children measures will be fine if it has enough weight capacity. So before you get one make sure to know the weight capacity of the pogo stick.


Pogo Sticks are extremely fun gadgets that you can use. Bouncing with pogo sticks can be a lot of fun as well as help you burn your calories. And if you are investing your money in something, then you should do proper research. Here in this article, we have tried to mention every detail possible. But before you get the best pogo stick for adults, make sure to maintain your safety.